Friday, July 31, 2020

NYC Health + Hospitals/Lincoln Ranks in Top Percentiles of 3,282 Hospitals Ranked Nationwide

(Left) Milton Nunez, CEO of Lincoln and Dr. Lewis Marshall, MD, JD, FACP, FACHE, Chief Medical Officer.

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An innovative new hospital ranking system that incorporates civic leadership including community-minded policies, pay equity and inclusivity, traditional quality measures and high-quality care, as well as avoidance of unnecessary and costly care, has ranked NYC Health + Hospitals/Lincoln in the Bronx among the top hospitals in America by the Washington Monthly Magazine and the Lown Institute, outranking private and “prestigious” healthcare systems across the country. 

“This hospital ranking system has created new metrics never used before for health care,” noted Milton Nunez, CEO of Lincoln. “This is a welcomed addition and includes important civic leadership factors not addressed in present ranking systems. Now is the perfect time to refocus and standardize the industry on the moral/social justice issues of providing excellent, inclusive care globally to our vulnerable populations.

“Should not all hospitals be expected to care for everybody in its communities and improve the health of the population overall? The NYC Health + Hospitals of which Lincoln is a member, has a longstanding mission statement to treat anyone coming through its doors, regardless of ethnicity, race, religion or ability to pay.  Hospitals also play a significant financial role as a critical stabilizing force in a community.   

“American hospitals are admired for innovation and highly skilled physicians and nurses, but ‘the health of the nation lags behind every wealthy country on the planet.’”  

Existing hospital rankings place emphasis of hospital performance on traditional quality measures and specialty care, which often creates a financial focus on filling beds and attracting patients.

The Washington Monthly Magazine and the Lown Institute believe hospitals should also have civic responsibility to engage the needs as well as the care of the communities they serve.   

After 10 years of development, the Lown Institute Hospitals Index, its ranking system, sets “a better standard for what we should expect from our hospitals.”   

This formula ranks hospitals on how well they save lives, save money, and serve everyone. It uses 3 broad categories: patient outcomes (mortality, readmissions, patient safety), civic leadership (treating all, regardless of race, social or economic status) and value of care (avoiding unnecessary treatments).  

And it takes information that is already publicly available about each hospital, rather than what is presented by the facility.

There are also new metrics in the ranking which includes “inclusivity” (caring for all), and unusual metrics such as pay equity (CEO to worker pay is a measure for fairness and corporate citizenship), unique programs specific for the community (a Greenmarket, Guns Down Life Up program, asthma home visits, and many others unique programs geared specifically for our neighborhoods.  

“The employees of Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center are committed to improving the health of this community as well as to the health of each other.  There is a tremendous need for Lincoln here,” says Dr. Lewis Marshall, MD, JD, FACP, FACHE, Chief Medical Officer.  

“Their selflessness and absolute heroism at all levels of Lincoln staff has shown that this is not just for a paycheck, or just a job. This is hard work. It requires focus, dedication and persistence. Staff working here want to work in and for this community.” 

Chief Nurse Officer, Lillian Diaz, DHA, RN, NEA-BC: “The staff of Lincoln Hospital are incredibly loyal and dedicated to serving our patients and the needs of this community. Our patients are our family. We take pride in the care we deliver to our patients, which includes the most vulnerable patient populations. Anyone can come to Lincoln Hospital and receive exceptional healthcare services. That is the essence and spirit of what we do.”

“As part of the nation’s largest public health system, the New York City Health + Hospitals has a longstanding and a formidable mission, vision and value statement,” reminded Milton Nunez, CEO. “We service all who walk through our doors, regardless of ethnicity, race, religion or ability to pay.”


  • Overall Lincoln ranks 17 of 142 hospitals reviewed in NYS and 634 of 3,282 acute care hospitals in the country.
  • Its civic leadership ranking is 2 of 3,282 nationally and is #1 in NYS. 
  • Under civic leadership Lincoln scored 100, making Lincoln #1 out of 3,282 in the country.
  • Lincoln ranked in the 98th percentile for pay equity.
  • It is in the 99th percentile for community benefit.
  • Lincoln is in the 100th percentile for inclusivity, ranking #1 in the country.
  • For value of care Lincoln was ranked 958 of 3282 nationally and 52 of 142 in NYS.
  • Lincoln scored in the 71st percentile for avoiding overuse of low value services. 
  • For patient outcomes it is 87 of 142 for NYS.
Lincoln is in the 97th percentile for patient safety, ranking #1 in NYS.

NYC Health + Hospitals/Lincoln, located in the South Bronx, is a 362-bed, Acute Care Level 1 Trauma Center with the busiest single site emergency department in the region.   

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